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Puisi Ibu versi Bahasa Inggris

Posted by Serba Serbi on Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Mom , I Always Love You
From Suratmi Nur Handayani
Tears welled
And I can not weir
When I seen you,
Preparing passed away to Allah house
I can not do anything
When Allah calls you
It feels like screaming
And crying loudly
And now I own
After you followed the father
My days are dark
But , I have to fight the bitterness of life
I promise mom ..
My life does not stop until here
Youre desire is my desire also
I will achieve all your desire
I want you to smile
Seeing successfully grasping a dream
Our dream, mother
Yes , our dreams
I want you to sleep peacefully with dad
I will always pray to You
In each my prays 
Forever I love you Mom


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